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Collections of EAV


The collections of EAV contain archival documents, publications, photos, tapes, records, films, video tapes, art and handicraft.


These materials depict the life of Estonians in British Columbia. The collections contain:

- architectural drawings of “Meie Kodu“ (Our Home), movie footage of its construction, cornerstone laying and opening ceremony;
- private collections of photos and slides, in black-and-white and colour, of social events in the Estonian community;
- audio tapes of interviews conducted prior to Estonia regaining its independence;
- private photo albums;
- paintings;
- trophies;
- archival documents of local Estonian organizations: Vancouver Estonian Society (VES), Society for the Advancement of Estonian Studies in Canada (SAESC), Estonian Senior Citizen Association of Vancouver (ESCAV);
- complete set of the local Estonian quarterly “Läänekaare Postipoiss“ (West Coast Messenger);
- flags;
- stamps;
- handicraft.